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Our ethos is anchored in respect for people and the planet. When done right, this can drive additional revenues and higher returns.

Wellbeing has become a lifestyle mainstay that is interlinked with a circular, sustainable world view along with personal fulfilment. This can no longer be treated as an add on, nor restricted to isolated measures.

We tailor operational and investment standards and guidelines with this ethos for each property.

Our culture is a differentiator which we believe creates value for hotels we manage in an increasingly complex market place.

Now more than ever, the hotel sector needs expert, trustworthy hands, with the expertise and track record to preserve and generate the most value from existing assets and their operations.

Hotel Asset Management

Alma’s Hotel Asset Management focus is as the owner’s agent: to optimise the performance of hotel real estate investments and maximise their profitability, return on investment and valuations on exit.

Hotel Management

Alma’s Hotel Management has a clear focus to rigorously manage each hotel to optimise performance and stabilise it for long term profitability.

Portfolio Management

Alma’s Portfolio Management services include financing strategy and debt restructuring, portfolio strategy formulation for acquisition, investment and operations, as well as the evaluating and driving of hold and sell positions to optimise exit valuations.