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Hotel Asset Management

Alma’s Hotel Asset Management focus is as the owner’s agent: to optimise the performance of hotel real estate investments and maximise their profitability, return on investment and valuations on exit.

Alma Management brings together a best-in-class hotel management and hotel asset management team in the UK and Europe with the mission to create and enhance the value of your hotel operations and hotel real estate investments.

Operator / Franchise Management

We provide comprehensive hotel asset management services to hotel owners and investors, including operator and franchisor strategy and selection, contract negotiation and ongoing management of the relationship.

Capital Structure Optimisation

We provide capital structuring and optimisation, including restructuring and refinancing. We have well established relationships working with a network of international hospitality and real estate investors and financial service providers.

Capex Management

Our comprehensive capital expenditure services include investment and ROI analysis, concept and cost planning, development strategy and complete project management for conversions or hotel renovations, with a goal of providing innovative, cost-efficient, and environmentally sound solutions.

Real Estate Optimisation

We identify value creation and enhancement opportunities for real estate and associated operations through use and space allocation and optimisation.

Working Capital Optimisation

We provide working capital and cash flow optimisation with emphasis on delivering profit maximisation.

Financial And Operational Turnaround

Business performance is recovered and improved by focussing on underperforming areas (revenue, costs and profit conversion). Implement measures to drive operating efficiency to support recovery and enhance profit.

Hotel Management

Alma’s Hotel Management has a clear focus to rigorously manage each hotel to optimise performance and stabilise it for long term profitability.

Portfolio Management

Alma’s Portfolio Management services include financing strategy and debt restructuring, portfolio strategy formulation for acquisition, investment and operations, as well as the evaluating and driving of hold and sell positions to optimise exit valuations.