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Portfolio Management

Alma’s Portfolio Management services include financing strategy and debt restructuring, portfolio strategy formulation for acquisition, investment and operations, as well as the evaluating and driving of hold and sell positions to optimise exit valuations.

Alma Management brings together a best-in-class hotel management and hotel asset management team in the UK and Europe with the mission to create and enhance the value of your hotel operations and hotel real estate investments.

Optimizing Exit Value & Timing

Identifying and maximizing asset management opportunities, including lease negotiations. Ongoing monitoring of hold or sell positions and evaluation of exit opportunities.

Strategy Formulation

Acquisition, investment and operational strategy formulation.

Financing strategy and debt structuring.

Transaction Support

Transaction process support, including with third party sales processes.

Brand Development

Brand strategy and development focused on maximising financial value for owners.

Converting brand strategy and values to deliver Marketing, Sales and Communication plans and targets, with emphasis on increasing occupancy and rates, premiums and margins.

Operator Selection

We have an extensive and established relationship with international brands and operators.

We offer operator selection and negotiation.

Hotel Asset Management

Alma’s Hotel Asset Management focus is as the owner’s agent: to optimise the performance of hotel real estate investments and maximise their profitability, return on investment and valuations on exit.

Hotel Management

Alma’s Hotel Management has a clear focus to rigorously manage each hotel to optimise performance and stabilise it for long term profitability.